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UX Design

When I founded the International Network Community in 2004, the term UX design was not widely used. However, I utilized various UX design skills throughout my journey of organizing and growing the network. Back then, my computer skills and empathy for connecting with other moms in similar situations of living in a foreign country with their children drove me to create a simple form using HTML on my personal website, generously provided by our dial-up modem server company.  

The web form served the purpose of collecting names and distributing weekly newsletters to the members. With each passing week, our numbers grew. Eventually, the form evolved into me creating a fully-fledged website that I promoted through social media and other relevant platforms. This INC platform stands as a testament to my experience in creating, designing, and implementing a project from its humble beginnings to its continued success today.  

As an online community manager, I took on various responsibilities, such as administering a member database, organizing local events, managing forums and social media pages, and handling local advertising. These tasks encompassed many UX design elements, including the use of questionnaires and polls to gather feedback from mothers and assess the effectiveness of our network.  

Over time, my copywriting and translating skills developed, enabling me to effectively communicate and provide valuable information to the community through blog articles and newsletters. Member involvement and collaboration were crucial to fostering a strong networking group, and I encouraged active participation and contributions.  

By highlighting these experiences and skills, I am able to showcase my expertise, consolidate my skills, and demonstrate the value I bring as a UX designer.

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