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Graphics & Website Design

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I have extensive graphic design experience, starting at the University of Pennsylvania, where I worked in a research laboratory. One of my roles involved assisting with graphic designs for various applications such as research article figures, lectures, seminar presentations, flyers, and more. I utilized software like PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and other essential tools to create the required figures and images.

In addition to graphic design, I have a deep passion for photography and the art of capturing the essence of what I see. However, there are instances where the original image may not accurately represent the colors or scale. This is where graphic design comes into play, allowing me to manipulate images and bring them closer to my intended vision. I have used these skills for various purposes, including fun projects, pranks, holiday cards, and posters.

During my time at the University of Pennsylvania, I took an HTML class, which sparked my interest in website creation. I realized that coding knowledge was necessary to achieve specific website design aspects. Over time, companies like WordPress made the process more accessible. Since 2004, I have been utilizing WordPress extensively, starting with my first website for the International Community Network. I quickly became proficient in using WordPress software to create multiple sites.

Creating a website is not only about the design aspect; it also involves effectively promoting your services or social network on the web. This requires utilizing tags, keywords, and search site meta tags, such with Google. Here is where my empathy mapping and user experience expertise comes into play. Understanding the needs and preferences of users is crucial. Merely adding keywords or popular searches to your website won’t necessarily attract clients. To create a successful website, I conduct research and usability testing to ensure that the site provides the information and services users seek. This approach helps me create websites that effectively engage potential users and drive conversions.

Currently, I continue to pursue my passion for photography and graphic design, incorporating them into my work. Additionally, I provide website and logo creation services for freelance professionals, leveraging my skills to help others in the industry.

Some of the many logo creations I have made.