Case Study Expat Parent Network

When moving to another country to have or raise children, there is a creation of fear and anxiety produced by language barriers, cultural familiarity, and distant family members.

To create an app for expat parents living in Firenze looking for other expats to share experiences with discussions and meetups.

Project Duration
June to July 2023

My Role
Lead UX Designer, Website & Mobile App Creator,

The Problem
Moving to another country to have or raise children is scary and anxiety-producing, caused by language barriers, familiarity, and distant family members.

The Goal
This website and app are trying to reduce the anxiety produced by moving to another country, especially with having children and raising them in that country, with events, discussion groups, and information on local resources provided by the mobile app and website.

Site Map

Usability Study

With the usability testing on both  the low and high-fidelity prototype testing, I was using these Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Time On Task

Use Of Navigation Icons Vs. Search

User Error Rates Conversion Rates

System Usability Scale (SUS)

The KPIs used were to gauge the progress and insights of the user and the different tasks to get to the final booking through the contact form.  


Mobile low-fidelity prototype link

High-Fidelity Prototype Website Link


Marketing Strategy

  1. Conduct thorough market research for Firenze expat parents.
  2. Define target audience: Firenze expat parents, multilingual.
  3. Develop a memorable brand identity and mission story.
  4. Launch a blog for expat parenting and local tips.
  5. Utilize SEO for organic traffic growth.
  6. Establish social media presence, leverage influencers.
  7. Optimize app store listings and encourage positive reviews.
  8. Build a user community with virtual events.
  9. Implement a referral program with incentives.
  10. Consider paid ads targeting Firenze expat parents.
  11. Analyze and adjust marketing efforts using KPIs.
  12. Actively gather user feedback for continuous improvement.


I took on this social project because I am already a founder of a similar group of expat mothers.  The one thing that was noticed was what about the fathers.  With this project, I incorporate both mothers and fathers in hopes of maybe changing the existing group.  This may come to fruition soon.

Research summary of the user

A primary user group identified through research is adults with children and pregnant adults who are foreigners to Italy living in Firenze. By incorporating the user problem statements and creating a network discussion app and website for interaction between expat parents.   It is hard to move to another country as a single person, but to do it with your children is scary and anxiety-producing. The possibility of reducing these problem points can be helped by socializing with other parents in the same situation.

Moving from paper to digital wireframes made it easy to understand how the redesign could help address user pain points and improve the user experience. Prioritizing a helpful menu, especially with a contact page with a detailed contact form. Visual awards stickers placed on the home page were a key part of my strategy for showing professionalism and quality. Finally, I could add the low-fidelity prototype links to create interactive digital wireframes for mobile and desktop screen size variations.